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  Festivals and Camps


Here's a set of links that we think you might enjoy as much as we do.


tiny owl logo   Rob Girdis Guitars
Big sound and careful attention to detail, combined with a willingness to try new ideas, an understanding of the nuances of design and construction that can tailor a guitar towards specific styles of playing and to the individual, has brought Girdis Guitars a long list of ecstatic customers ordering custom guitars.

tiny owl logo   Santa Cruz Guitars
Richard Hoover began building guitars and carved-top mandolins in 1972. By 1976 his focus was on the modern steel string guitar. The task of becoming a master at all aspects of guitar making is a lifelong pursuit, and Richard has patiently refined his craftsmanship and knowledge as his company has grown. Richard translates his skills and sensitivities as an individual builder to an exceptional team of craftspeople. Richard's style of allowing his craftspeople to interpret his vision has propelled Santa Cruz Guitar Company to the forefront of modern guitar making.

tiny owl logo   Dart Instruments
David Dart is a long time instrument maker and musician originally from Claremont, California. He now lives in Navarro, a small hamlet in Northern, rural California. David grew up in a musical family. He got his start as a luthier during his teen years doing repair work in Charles Chase's Folk Music Center in Claremont, California. His first instrument was a dulcimer at age 14. David has made a wide variety of musical instruments including Renaissance style reproductions and Middle Eastern style instruments.

tiny owl logo   Rick Shubb
Capos, guitar steels and other guitar toys, plus software for the professional musician. The Shubb Capo company began in California in 1974, when Rick Shubb and Dave Coontz collaborated to design and produce a fifth string capo for banjo. "We created the fifth string capo for me to use onstage, but requests from other players prompted us to make a few more. Our course was charted the day we bought a used milling machine and set about making a hundred units."

tiny owl logo   Marc Savoy: Cajun Accordions
The Savoy Music Center specializes in building Cajun accordions and produces over 100 accordions each year. While accordions are in high demand, it also offers some of the greatest sound equipment, CDs and cassettes, and other Cajun instruments including handmade rubboards and triangles. Located on Highway 190 in the 'Savoy' area between Eunice and Opelousas, the Savoy Music Center holds a Cajun jam every Saturday morning. Come on by, bring your instrument or a friend, eat some hot complimentary boudin and grab a cup of hot dark-roasted coffee, and join the group or sit back and listen and talk with the local Cajuns!

tiny owl logo   Mesa Boogie
Randall Smith, the owner of Mesa Boogie in Petaluma, California writes, "In 1973 I started building amps, one at a time, in an old mountain shack...Our goals remain unchanged from day one: Build the best musical amplifiers we possibly can, and treat each of you as we ourselves would wish to be treated, trying to make every musician a life-long and toneful member of our amplifier family."

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Festivals and Camps

tiny owl logo   Northwest Folklife Festival
Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle every Memorial Day weekend and welcomes thousands of regional and international artists to share traditions through music and dance performances, exhibits, demonstrations and workshops.

tiny owl logo   Walnut Valley Festival
A traditional music festival in Winfield, Kansas, that draws people from across the country with great performances on six stages. They also hold contests for many different instruments, for song-writing and for campsite decoration.

tiny owl logo   Strawberry Music Festival
The Strawberry Music Festival takes place twice each year over the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. The festival occurs at Camp Mather, Yosemite, California, which consists of 350 acres of mountains, meadows, pine forest and picturesque Birch Lake nestled on the brink of Hetch Hetchy, the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne.

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tiny owl logo   Festival of American Fiddle Tunes
A full week of workshops, band labs, concerts, dances and just playing music, held each year during the week of the 4th of July at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, Washington. Master faculty and tutors are drawn from a broad range of fiddle traditions, including Southern-Appalachian, New England, Cajun, Mexican, Quebequois, Cape Breton, Scottish - even Texas-Polish.

tiny owl logo   Puget Sound Guitar Workshop
After more than 25 years, there is still no better place to learn music than the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop.

tiny owl logo   Mastery of Scottish Arts
Mastery of Scottish Arts is dedicated to the preservation and development of Scottish arts, primarily piping, drumming and dancing, through world-class instruction, student participation, and Scottish community collaboration.

tiny owl logo   Balmoral Schools
Balmoral School of Piping and Drumming, located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, offers quality musical instruction for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.

tiny owl logo   Valley of the Moon
Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School in the northern California redwoods offers intensive study, recreation, and good times with people who share an interest in the music and dance traditions of Scotland.

tiny owl logo   Living Traditions
Living Traditions creates fun, easy ways for singles and couples of all ages and abilities to experience the rich world of partner dancing. Come with or without a partner, meet new people and enjoy a whole new community while you have fun learning to dance.

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tiny owl logo   Cajun French Music Association
The Cajun French Music Association is a non-profit organization comprised of Cajuns and non-Cajuns whose purpose is to promote and preserve Cajun music and various aspects of the Acadian heritage.

tiny owl logo   Seattle Folklore Society
Seeking to preserve and foster awareness and appreciation of traditional and folk arts through education, outreach, publication and performance.

tiny owl logo   Northwest Folklife
Founded in 1972, Northwest Folklife is the most visible advocate of the traditional arts in the Northwest region through the presentation of the annual Northwest Folklife Festival, education programs and other public programs. It also produces recordings, publications and exhibits, and offers research and consulting services.

tiny owl logo   Centrum
Centrum presents a broad range of creative educational experiences which bring together talented instructors with avid learners for week-long residential workshops. Public performances are a celebratory aspect of each program.

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What Else, Please?

tiny owl logo   Culbernie Records
Quality music steeped in the Scottish tradition. "Alasdair Fraser's Culburnie Records has quietly become one of the best Celtic music labels today." --Dirty Linen Magazine

tiny owl logo   Cyberbites
Marley's Ghost guitarist Mike Phelan's other career provides an on-line source of sweet gifts for everyone: "Our award-winning products are baked using the finest melted chocolate, fresh, imported candied ginger, roasted almonds and hazelnuts, organic flour and other delicious, natural ingredients."

tiny owl logo   Squeaky Fiddle Website Design
Well designed and affordable websites for artists, musicians, writers, and other non-profit groups...

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