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  Marley's Ghost
  Jon Wilcox
  Boys of the Lough
  Barney McClure
  Hank Bradley
  Bob McQuillen
  Chris Newman
  Christy O'Leary
  Mississippi Charles

  Lorin Grean
  Rincon Ramblers
Laurie Lewis
  The Grateful Dead


Here are links to more information on various recording artists. A tiny owl logo  indicates artists whose CDs are produced by Sage Arts.

tiny owl logo   Marley's Ghost
"...Marley's Ghost achieves the seemingly impossible. If you think a reach of reggae, bluegrass, gospel, folk country, Cajun, and Scottish bagpipes tunes is a bit much, you'd be wrong. Here, it's perfect. - Richard Dorsett, Victory Music Review- December 2001

tiny owl logo   Jon Wilcox
Jon Wilcox, a Santa Barbara, California, native, first gained national recognition in folk music circles in the 1970s, touring widely and recording traditional-flavored singer-songwriter albums for the Folk Legacy and Sierra Briar labels. A highly-regarded veteran of the folk and "almost bluegrass" scene, he has founded-and recorded several CDs with-two remarkable bands, Marley's Ghost (1986- ) and the Rincon Ramblers (1994- ), both of which he still performs with regularly, both known for rich vocal harmonies, infectious rhythms, and a wide variety of musical styles.

tiny owl logo   Boys of the Lough
The Boys have established a reputation for technical brilliance and integrity in their performance ofIrish and Scottish music. A ready wit and sense of fun enliven their onstage performance while their original arrangements and dynamic interactions between the two major strands of the Celtic tradition keep the music always bright and fresh. A hallmark of the band’s approach has been their refusal to dilute their music with the addition of inappropriate vocalists or electric instruments or percussion. They prefer the natural tone colours of their acoustic instruments, traditionally played. Almost alone among Celtic groups they truly play “music that tastes of itself”.

tiny owl logo   Barney McClure
Barney McClure, an accomplished pianist as well as an organist, has played with a very long list of jazz luminaries. Work with Milt Jackson, Big Joe Turner, Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson, Red Norvo, and Bud Shank, along with extended stays in bands of Sonny Stitt and Ernestine Anderson are a few of his credits.

tiny owl logo   Hank Bradley
Fiddle Geezer Extraordinaire.

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owl   Bob McQuillen
Bob McQuillen, featured on the CD Farewell to the Hollow was awarded a National Heritage Award in 2002. The National Heritage Awards were established in 1982 by the National Endowment for the Arts as a way of honoring American traditional artists for their contributions to the country's cultural heritage.

owl   Mississippi Charles Bevel
"The 'Blues' does not mean black music. It means having the courage or audacity to speak to what is in your heart without consulting your head. That human attribute is colorless." Mississippi Charles Bevel, from an interview posted on the Destination Freedom/Black Radio Days website. Destination Freedom: Black Radio Days is a radio series aired on KGNU 88.5 FM at 8:00 pm MST on the third Monday of every month. Destination Freedom/Black Radio Days profiles the lives of African American Heroes and Sheroes and is sponsored by, Black and Read Books and Tapes (303) 467-3236, and The Urban Spectrum.

owl   Lorin Grean
Celtic harp and electric cello?
Covers of the Police classic "Every Breath You Take" and Graham Nash's "Wind on the Water" ?
Native American flute and electric guitar?
Ms. Grean's music would be heresy to harp lovers everywhere were it not so good!

dot  Christy O'Leary
Christy O’Leary was born in Dublin and after moving to Kenmare, Co. Kerry he started playing professionally with his brother Tim at the age of 12 in lounges around Ireland.

dot  Chris Newman
"From as far back as I can remember music has always been around me. Growing up in the late 50’s/ 60’s with two older brothers listening to everything from rock and roll, blues, folk, rock, jazz and classical."

dot  Rincon Ramblers
"The Ramblers have succeeded in capturing the spirit of the Rincon Coast with acoustic music so pure, yet wild, expansive and free! They are a pleasure to experience..."--Chris Hillman
"Talent-wise, this band of Ventura County locals is about as close as it gets to a super group, and thus about as good as it gets..."--Bill Locey, Los Angeles Times

dot  Laurie Lewis
During the past two decades, Berkeley, California-based band leader/ singer/ songwriter/ fiddler/ guitarist/ bass player Laurie Lewis has quietly established herself as one of the finest, most talented artists in traditional music.

dot  The Grateful Dead
Need we say more?

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