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Sage Arts Studio: equipment list 6-29-08

F(t) Forssell Technologies
48 channel custom mixing console with Flying Faders automation

B&W 800D
JM Lab Chorus 705 S
Meyer Sound HD-1
Avantone Mixcubes

Power Amps:
Bel Canto evo2
Bel Canto evo 200.2
Quicksilver M135 monoblocks

Analog Recorders:
Studer A827 Gold Edition two inch analog multitrack
Studer A80 VU MKIV two inch analog multitrack
(8, 16, and 24 track heads available for both A80 and A827)
Studer A80 VU MKIV half inch analog mixdown

Digital Recorders:
ProTools HD2 Accel
Samplitude 8.1
Logic Pro 8
Studio Network Solutions Evo shared storage system

Prism ADA-8XR (configurable as 8 A/D & 8 D/A, or 16 D/A)
Forssell Technologies 4 channel 96kHz A/D
Forssell Technologies Wave DAC
Digidesign Sync I/O
Digidesign 192 I/O (qty 2) (24 channels A/D, D/A, and AES/EBU I/O)


AKG "The Tube" pair
AKG C 414 EB pair
B&K (DPA) pairs of: 4003 (x2), 4004, 4006, 4007, 4011, 4012, 4041-S, 4041-T
Manley Gold Reference pair
Manley Gold Stereo
Neumann KM88i pair (Klaus Heyne mod)
Neumann U47 (Klaus Heyne mod)
Neumann U47 (Toby Foster mod)
Neumann U67 pair
Neumann TLM 170 pair
RFT Funkwerk AK47 pair
Sony C-55P pair
Telefunken USA M12v pair
Telefunken USA 251v pair

AEA A440
AEA R84 pair
Cascade Fat Head II-SP pair

AKG D112
Audix i5
EV N/D868
EV 660
Sennheiser 421 (qty 4)
Sennheiser 431
Sennheiser 441 (qty 2)
Shure Beta 52
Shure SM57 (qty 2)
Shure SM58
Shure Beta 57

Over 60 channels of Forssell Technologies mic preamps of various designs including:  SMP-2, JMP-6, Fetcode, CS-1, M-2B, and many other predecessors to the Fetcode and SMP-2.
F(t) power supplies for 130 volt mics and DPA 4041 mics
ADL stereo tube DI
Demeter tube DI
Demeter tube mic preamp
Grace M201
Summit TPA-200B

API Lunchbox with two 550a modules and two 550b modules
F(t) NSEQ-1 (qty 2)
GML 8200 Series II
Millennia Media NSEQ-2 with F(t) NSEQ-F Replacement PCB
Millennia Media TCL-2
Pendulum ES-8
Retro Sta-Level
Spectrosonics Equalizers with F(t) tube amplifier
Summit Tube Leveling Amplifer (qty 2)
UA 176 (serial #2)
UA 176 (serial #91)
UA1176LN (qty 2)
UA LA-3A (qty 2)

Sony DRE-S777
EMT 140 plate (mono in, stereo out)
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM 41 (qty 2)
TC Electronics Fireworx

Steinway B 7-foot piano modified and maintained by Ed McMorrow
Hammond B3
Rhodes Seventy-Three
* other instruments available

Sage Arts Recording
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