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Marley's Ghost

Sage Arts is pleased to present CDs from the following fine recording artists:

Marley's Ghost Marley's Ghost
Ed Littlefield Ed Littlefield
Mike Phelan Mike Phelan
Jon Wilcox Jon Wilcox
Dan Wheetman Dan Wheetman
The Boys of the Lough Boys Of The Lough
Cathall McConnell and Len Graham Cathal McConnell & Len Graham
Hank Bradley Hank Bradley
Rodney Miller Rodney Miller
Sandy Bradley and the Small Wonder String Band Sandy Bradley & the Small Wonder String Band
Erin Schrader and Edith Farrar Erin Schrader & Edith Farrar
Barney McClure Barney McClure
David West David West
Christy O'Leary Christy O'Leary
Lorin Grean: You are here. Lorin Grean
Chris Newman Chris Newman
Rincon Ramblers The Rincon Ramblers
Mississippi Charles Bevel Mississippi Charles Bevel
Popcorn Behavior Popcorn Behavior
New England Tradition New England Tradition
Calum MacKinnon and Muriel Johnstone Calum MacKinnon & Muriel Johnstone
Lorin Grean
The Call

Lorin Grean: the CallThe Celtic Harp takes on new dimensions in the hands of Lorin Grean. This album of contemporary songs and music is brought to life by Lorin's uniquely haunting vocal style. Original material as well as songs by Sting, Kate Wolf, Paul Brady, David Crosby and Graham Nash.

Instrumental appearances by Ed Rockett, Randy Tico, Junior Homrich, Jon Morton, Jamie Sieber, Kevin DiSimone, Robin Grean and Ed Littlefield, Jr. contribute greatly to making this a powerful debut album from a gifted new artist. Produced by Daniel Protheroe.

Far Away From the Truth * Crescent Dance * Suite Eleusian Memories * Forgive * Porcupine Dance * The Call * Love Goes On * Every Breath You Take * Feast of Eyes * Wind on the Water * Rightful Place in the World * Brother Warrior

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Spinning Gold

Lorin Grean: the Call Classic Rock-with a twist. A unique blend of Celtic harp and voice
with innovative arrangements of cello, bass, guitar, violin, flugel
horn, recorders, pedal steel guitar, piano, Tibetan bowls, and ethnic

"This CD is special – bringing subtle jazz, world, and even classical elements to these contemporary gems...Imaginative." – Wind & Wire

Can't Find My Way Home (Steve Winwood) * Eleanor Rigby (Paul McCartney/John Lennon) * From the Beginning (Greg Lake) * Fields of Gold (Sting) * She's Not There (Steve Argent) * Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell) * Some People's Lives (Janis Ian, Rhonda Kye Flemming) * Every Breath You Take (Sting) * I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2) * Laughing (David Crosby) * Imagine (John Lennon)

Click to buy  Spinning Gold CD $15.00

Hand Woven

Lorin Grean: the Call"Begin with the Celtic harp, which Grean plays with easy passion. Add her voice, pure and sweet, which takes the listener into the dreamtime.
Mix in award-winning Charlie Bisharat's violin, Kevin DiSimone's piano and synthesizer, and Randy Tico's bass and percussion.
Finally, stir in Native American flute, cello, additional percussion, vocals, and electric guitar, and we have a recipe for something new and wonderful in the world.
It has been called Celtic fusion or world harp but, labels aside, Hand Woven is deliciously fresh music served up with delightfully infectious joy. One of the best albums of 1997, and a must have." -New Age Retailer

Instrumentation includes combinations of Celtic harp, wordless vocals, Native American flute, violin, cello, piano, bass, electric guitar, recorders, synthesizer, mountain dulcimer, harmonica, and ethnic percussion including bodhran, djembe, tabla.

Through Zara's Eyes * Starlight Journey (Suite) * In Pursuit * The Grey Cat's Night Prowl * Sailing the Skies * Calico Toes * Hand Woven (Medley) * The Bengal's Secret * Night Vision * Spindrift

Lorin Grean  recording harp
Lorin Grean's passion is to create music in layers just as an artist layers paint to create a composition.

“Recording layers, adding to it to see where the arrangements will grow, that’s the part of the whole creative process that I love,” Lorin said. “I was missing that, so I decided to come back to record because it’s personal therapy for me.”

Though Lorin had just spent countless hours in the studio, she lit up with fresh energy as she spoke about her music.

“Some people spend their money on diamonds and possessions. I don’t need a Dior gown. For me I’d rather have the experience of recording, of being in that creative space. It makes my heart sing.”

Lorin likes to mix things up. The results are surprising and enticing. Who would have thought...

Read the rest of the article in the Summer 2005 Newsletter 

Lorin Grean
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