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Marley's Ghost

Sage Arts is pleased to present CDs from the following fine recording artists:

Marley's Ghost Marley's Ghost
Ed Littlefield Ed Littlefield
Mike Phelan Mike Phelan
Jon Wilcox: You are here. Jon Wilcox
Dan Wheetman Dan Wheetman
The Boys of the Lough Boys Of The Lough
Cathall McConnell and Len Graham Cathal McConnell & Len Graham
Hank Bradley Hank Bradley
Rodney Miller Rodney Miller
Sandy Bradley and the Small Wonder String Band Sandy Bradley & the Small Wonder String Band
Erin Schrader and Edith Farrar Erin Schrader & Edith Farrar
Barney McClure Barney McClure
David West David West
Christy O'Leary Christy O'Leary
Lorin Grean Lorin Grean
Chris Newman Chris Newman
Rincon Ramblers The Rincon Ramblers
Mississippi Charles Bevel Mississippi Charles Bevel
Popcorn Behavior Popcorn Behavior
New England Tradition New England Tradition
Calum MacKinnon and Muriel Johnstone Calum MacKinnon & Muriel Johnstone
Jon Wilcox
Song Traveler

Jon Wilcox: Song Traveler

"Jon Wilcox's Song Traveler is a lovely mix of original songs, traditional songs and songs drawn from such disparate songwriters as Chuck Berry, Ewan MacColl, Robbie Robertson, Jean Ritchie and Merle Haggard. ...The album is a seamless set, united by Wilcox's sweet voice, and the very tasteful contributions of musicians like Orville Johnson, fellow Marley's Ghoster Ed Littlefield, Jr. and Van Dyke Parks. Laurie Lewis's lovely harmonies grace several songs including a gorgeous version of Haggard's 'Kern River.'" – MR, Sing Out, Summer 2003

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Daniel and the Sacred Harp * Click for audio.Highweeds and Hemlock * Click for audio.For Marguerite * Click for audio.Golden Heart * Brown-eyed Handsome Man * San Juan Serenade * Sweet Thames Flow Softly * Click for audio.Van Dieman's Land * Hazel Eyes * The Granemore Hare * Click for audio.Kern River * Blues for Sportin' Life * Click for audio.West Virginia Mine Disaster * Looking Into You *

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Still Life

Jon Wilcox: Still LifeNot Just Folk: Folk - and - then musician Jon Wilcox is a Santa Barbara native with countless songs in his heart and notable bands on his resume, including Marley's Ghost and the Rincon Ramblers. Now comes a wonderful solo debut, Still Life, a rich song set that can be touching and socio - historical (the waltz "Antietam") and giddy (the title track). Wilcox sings with an assured, brushed leather voice, and possesses a good sense of how to mix folk, soul, and C & W instincts into a happy whole. He also shows the good taste of including ample slide guitars in the mix, with Sally Van Meter playing sweetly on dobro, Ed Littlefield Jr. supplying dreamy washes of pedal steel, among other glissando - happy tones. Other guests include Phil Salazar on fiddle and Leslie King on harmony vocals. The album closes with a sad - funny shrug of a tune, "My George Jones Imitation," about the increasing relevancy of Jones's glum twang in a life turning sour. -Montecito Journal

Still Life * Science Ain't Gonna Save You, Baby * The Good Ship Hispaniola * Older Than Methusaleh * My Son Calls Another Man Daddy * Antietam * Crazy Love * Men o' Worth * Agua Caliente * Lover * Another Day * My George Jones Imitation

Click to buy.  Still Life CD $15.00

Jon Wilcox
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