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Marley's Ghost

Sage Arts is pleased to present CDs from the following fine recording artists:

Marley's Ghost Marley's Ghost
Ed Littlefield Ed Littlefield
Mike Phelan Mike Phelan
Jon Wilcox Jon Wilcox
Dan Wheetman Dan Wheetman
The Boys of the Lough Boys Of The Lough
Cathall McConnell and Len Graham Cathal McConnell & Len Graham
Hank Bradley Hank Bradley
Rodney Miller Rodney Miller
Sandy Bradley and the Small Wonder String Band Sandy Bradley & the Small Wonder String Band
Erin Schrader and Edith Farrar Erin Schrader & Edith Farrar
Barney McClure: You are here Barney McClure
David West:You are here David West
Christy O'Leary Christy O'Leary
Lorin Grean Lorin Grean
Chris Newman Chris Newman
Rincon Ramblers The Rincon Ramblers
Mississippi Charles Bevel Mississippi Charles Bevel
Popcorn Behavior Popcorn Behavior
New England Tradition New England Tradition
Calum MacKinnon and Muriel Johnstone Calum MacKinnon & Muriel Johnstone
David West

David West: ArcaneFormer member of the Cache Valley Drifters brings us this fine collection of down-home music. Featuring excellent musicianship from Byron Berline, Cyrus Clarke, Sue Crawford, Jody Eulitz, Steve Fishell, Bill Griffin, Glen D. Hardin, Chris Hillman, Tom Lee, Peter Madlam, Jim Nail, Penny Nichols, Daniel Protheroe, Chris Symer and Dan Wilson. David's rich and seasoned voice brings vibrancy to his own originals and additional songs from Cyrus, Jim, and Penny. A fine recording to start each morning with.

We'll Be Ready (When You Pass This Way Again) * Old Tom * The Lighthouse Song * Bed of Coals * Prospect of Whitby * Ballad of Johnny Arcane * Couldn't Keep His Mind Off Georgia * Yacht Crash * Constant Like a Flame * Legend In His Time * Long, Long Way (To the Top of the World) * Yosemite 1955

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David West
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