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Marley's Ghost

Sage Arts is pleased to present CDs from the following fine recording artists:

Marley's Ghost Marley's Ghost
Ed Littlefield Ed Littlefield
Mike Phelan Mike Phelan
Jon Wilcox Jon Wilcox
Dan Wheetman Dan Wheetman
The Boys of the Lough Boys Of The Lough
Cathall McConnell and Len Graham Cathal McConnell & Len Graham
Hank Bradley Hank Bradley
Rodney Miller Rodney Miller
Sandy Bradley and the Small Wonder String Band Sandy Bradley & the Small Wonder String Band
Erin Schrader and Edith Farrar Erin Schrader & Edith Farrar
Barney McClure: You are here Barney McClure
David West David West
Christy O'Leary: You are here Christy O'Leary
Lorin Grean Lorin Grean
Chris Newman Chris Newman
Rincon Ramblers The Rincon Ramblers
Mississippi Charles Bevel Mississippi Charles Bevel
Popcorn Behavior Popcorn Behavior
New England Tradition New England Tradition
Calum MacKinnon and Muriel Johnstone Calum MacKinnon & Muriel Johnstone
Christy O'Leary
The Northern Bridge

Christy O'Leary: the Northern BridgeChristy O'Leary's primary musical influences have been the traditional music and singing of Kerry and West Cork which he heard all around him while growing up in Ireland. He was taught the pipes by the late Michael O'Riabhaigh at the Cork Piper's Club and has been performing professionally since the age of 12 – initially with his older brother, Tim, whose musical tastes greatly influenced him at that time. Christy's distinctive, lyrical and traditional style of singing and playing has graced two of the best-known bands playing traditional Irish music today – De Danann, with whom he toured in the early 1980s, and the celebrated Irish/Scottish band Boys of the Lough, of which he's been a member since 1985. Since the Boys are based in Edinburgh, Christy has been living there for a number of years. Having married a Swede in 1992 he now divides his time between Sweden and Scotland, with occasional forays to Kenmare - thus the title The Northern Bridge, an apt description of Christy's professional and personal journey.

The Trip Over the Mountain * Norwegian Wedding March-Slangpolska efter Lungstrom * The Banks of Sullane * O'Keef's-I'd Rather be Married than Left Alone-Bill the Weaver * Young Reilly the Fisherman * Peigin Leitir Mor (Pegeen of Lettermore) * Rocking the Cradle-The Chestnut Tree * Moorlough Mary * Summer Waltz * Bellman's Polka * Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor (Jimm My Thoousand Treasures) * The Groves of Donaghmore

The Northern Bridge CD is sold out, sorry

Christy O'Leary
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