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Marley's Ghost

Sage Arts is pleased to present CDs from the following fine recording artists:

Marley's Ghost Marley's Ghost
Ed Littlefield Ed Littlefield
Mike Phelan Mike Phelan
Jon Wilcox Jon Wilcox
Dan Wheetman Dan Wheetman
The Boys of the Lough Boys Of The Lough
Cathall McConnell and Len Graham: You are here. Cathal McConnell & Len Graham
Hank Bradley Hank Bradley
Rodney Miller Rodney Miller
Sandy Bradley and the Small Wonder String Band Sandy Bradley & the Small Wonder String Band
Erin Schrader and Edith Farrar Erin Schrader & Edith Farrar
Barney McClure: You are here Barney McClure
David West David West
Christy O'Leary Christy O'Leary
Lorin Grean Lorin Grean
Chris Newman Chris Newman
Rincon Ramblers The Rincon Ramblers
Mississippi Charles Bevel Mississippi Charles Bevel
Popcorn Behavior Popcorn Behavior
New England Tradition New England Tradition
Calum MacKinnon & Muriel Johnstone Calum MacKinnon & Muriel Johnstone
Cathal McConnell &
Len Graham

For the Sake of Old Decency

For the Sake of Old DecencyTwo legendary traditional Irish musicians record together live for the first time. Both are members of internationally renowned folk music groups – Cathal with Boys of the Lough and Len with Skylark. Between them they are featured on more than 30 albums; many of these have received wide critical acclaim and recognition with award winning nominations from Grammy (USA), Deutschen Schallplatten (Germany), Folk Album of the year (Ireland) and NAIRD Indie Award Finalist.

The Quaker's Wife * True Lover John * Sean O'Duibhir a'Ghleanna * Sporting Nell-For the Sake of Old Decency-The Sound of Sleet * The Banks of Sweet Lough Erne * The Harvest Home-The Flowing Bowl * The Little Pack of Tailors * Jog Along * Old Joe's-Calliope House * The Royal Blackbird * Three in One * Down the Moor * Here's a Health to the Company

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Cathal McConnell & Len Graham
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