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It's About Time

It's About TimeScottish fiddle and piano tunes from Calum MacKinnon and Muriel Johnstone with guest musicians Ralph Gordon, bass; Judith Peacock-Cummings, clarsach; and Germaine Morgan, cello.

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Click for audio.Madam Frederick, Angus Grant's Welcome to Fiddle Tunes, Johnnie Muise's Reel, The Clumsy Lover * Click for audio.Shingly Beach * Click for audio.Mr Wilson's Hornpipe, Miss Isabella Robertson's Reel, Mrs Oswald (of Auchincruive's) Favourite Reel, Dr James Hamiltons's Reel * Master Francis Sitwell * Tha mi an Cadal, Mrs Oswald (of Auchincruive's) New Strathspey, Mr Robert Mackay of Edinburgh, Braighe Bhanbh, Calabria * Click for audio.Theid mi dhachaich 'chro chinn t-saile (I Shall Return to the Graveyard of Kintail) * The Kerfunten Jig, Dan Collin's Father's Jig, Grace Morrison of Borve * The Dutchess of Bedford's Strathspey, The Dutchess of Manchester's Farewell to the Highlands of Scotland, The Marchioness of Huntly's Strathspey, Mrs Fraser's Reel-Cullen, Miss Elenora Robertson * Sandy's New Chanter, The Train Journey North * Nathaniel Gow's Lament on the Death of his Brother, Elke Baker, MacKinnon's Rant, MacKinnon's Other Rant, Calum Beag * After, Tracy in Flight *Click for audio.Rory MacLeod, The Hen's March, Cork Hill.

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Calum MacKinnon – Scottish Fiddle

Calum MacKinnon

Calum hails from the island of Tiree in the Hebrides. He started fiddling at an early age, learning from neighbor Willie Kemp who studied with James Scott-Skinner. He has been active in competitions both as a competitor and a judge. After being runner up in the 1988 US National Championships for Scottish Fiddling, he returned to judge the Nationals in 1989, 1991, 1998 and 2001.

The infectious energy and sensitivity of Calum's playing makes him highly sought after as a performer and as a teacher. His busy schedule of playing for dances, concerts and teaching workshops has taken him across the US and Canada and to Scotland, England and Japan.

Calum has joined with Andy Imbrie, piano and Ralph Gordon, cello and bass in the Scottish Country Dance Band, The Music of Spey. The combination of Calum and Muriel Johnstone, piano as a dance music duo has also been very popular over the last three years. Calum recently released a CD of Scottish Fiddle Music, past and present with Muriel Johnstone, aptly called It's About Time. It also features Ralph Gordon, bass, Germaine Morgan, cello and Judith Peacock-Cummings on harp.

Calum is held in high esteem as a teacher and has coached several National Champion winners over the years. When at home in Edmonds, Washington, he finds time to offer private lessons.

Last year Calum conducted workshops and concerts in Chicago, Seattle, Port Townsend and Bellingham in Washington State, the Swannanoa Gathering in Asheville NC, Grandfather Mountain Highland Games NC, Vancouver BC, Columbus Ohio and Los Angeles.

This year will take Calum to dances and concerts around the country and to teaching engagements at The Swannanoa Gathering in North Carolina, The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes at Fort Worden, Washington State, and to the prestigious Mastery of Scottish Arts Winter School also at Fort Worden where he will teach Scottish fiddle along with Alasdair Fraser.

Calum MacKinnon & Muriel Johnstone
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