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John Reischman and the Jaybirds

John Reischman and the Jaybirds, The Road West

The Road West

With a unique traditional sound, mandolin master John Reischman and his band are known for powerful original songs and instrumentals, soaring vocals and refreshing interpretations of songs from the old-time repertoire presented with their own bluegrass twist. As one of the acoustic world's top-ranked mandolin players and composers, Reischman is renowned for his exquisite taste, tone and impeccable musicianship.

The Road West follows the outstanding “Field Guide” (Corvus/Copper Creek) nominated in the 2003 Juno awards for best roots and traditional group, and selected by Acoustic Guitar magazine as one of the top CDs of 2003.

* Roustabout * Hop High My Lulu Gal * Home Sweet Home * Sandy Boys * Travelin' the Road West * In the Fall * Deep Dark Sea * Blackberry Bramble * Liza Jane * Old Reuben No.1 * Allens Creek * You'll Find Her Name * Troubles * The Home Coming * As Time Draws Near * Crowberry *

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Leah Larson

Leah Larson, The Long Journey

Long Journey

Long Journey featuring the Leah Larson Band with guests Laurie Lewis, Ron Stewart, Mike Marshall, Todd Phillips, Orville Johnson, and Candy Goldman.

"Just when I lose faith in the purity of the human voice and the beauty of acoustic instruments recorded realistically, along comes a wonderful record like Long Journey by Leah Larson.

"She and co-producer Laurie Lewis have fused mountain music with contemporary and classic tunes.

"Long Journey opens with "A Little Ways Down the Road" from the repertoire of Larry Sparks. Leah's voice is sweet and clear and her fiddling strong and assured.

Doc and Rosa Lee Watson's classic title track is arranged for complete band and Lewis's backing vocals and clawhammer banjo keep it rooted in the mountains."
 – Sing Out! Magazine, by Tom Druckenmiller Fall 2005 © The Sing Out! Corporation. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

*A Little Ways Down The Road * Long Journey * Sing Me A Song (That'll Just Keep Me Lonesome) * Sun's Gonna Shine In My Backdoor Someday * Pretty Saro * Crippled Bird * Fare Thee Well Northumberland * Dangerous Boys * Early In The Spring * This Lonely Heart of Mine * The Soldier * Let That Liar Alone *

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Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan

Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, Happy Hour

Happy Hour

If you don't have the blues, but would like to get some – belly up to the bar for Happy Hour! Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan are a rollicking good time, winning over diverse audiences with their unique blend of guitar and harmonica blues, rags and good time music for more than 25 years.

Their new album, Happy Hour, features the real deal in acoustic folk/blues. Tasty tunes include Ball and Sultan originals mixed with covers from the likes of Willie Dixon, Ralph Towner, Bob Margolin, Johnny Mercer and more.

Pull up a stool, pop the top on a cool one, and sit back and enjoy the Happy Hour with the guitar/harmonica duo that many consider to be the best acoustic folk/blues team in the business today.
(Check back mid-December for song samples. You've gotta hear these guys!)

* This Old Band * Living with the Blues * Live the Life I Love * I Gotta Have That Gal * I Can't Please You * Buck Dance * Fool's Paradise * I Got Two * Lovin' is a Gamble * One Eyed Sam * When the Fire Burns Low * Barefoot Rock * Everybody Eats When They Come to My House * Brown Liquor in a Dirty Glass *

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Lorin Grean

Hand Woven

Lorin Grean, Hand Woven, Spinning Gold, The Call

Lorin Grean's first CD recorded at Sage Arts, Hand Woven, consists of original songs played on the Celtic harp and the voice of a chantress – woven together by world music accompaniment.

Instruments include combinations of Celtic harp, wordless vocals, Native American flute, violin, cello, piano, bass, electric guitar, recorders, synthesizer, mountain dulcimer, harmonica, and ethnic percussion including bodhran, djembe, tabla.

* Through Zara's Eyes * Starlight Journey * In Pursuit * The Grey Cat's Night Prowl * Sailing the Skies * Calico Toes * Hand Woven * The Bengal's Secret * Night Vision * Spindrift *

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Spinning Gold

Lorin Grean, Hand Woven, Spinning Gold, The Call

Classic Rock-with a twist. A unique blend of Celtic harp and voice with innovative arrangements of cello, bass, guitar, violin, flugel horn, recorders, pedal steel guitar, piano, Tibetan bowls, and ethnic percussion.

"This CD is special – bringing subtle jazz, world, and even classical elements to these contemporary gems...Imaginative." – Wind & Wire

* Can't Find My Way Home (Steve Winwood) * Eleanor Rigby * From the Beginning (Greg Lake) * Fields of Gold (Sting) * She's Not There (Rod Argent) * Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell) * Some People's Lives (Ian-Flemming) * Every Breath You Take (Sting) * I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for (U2) * Laughing (David Crosby) * Imagine (John Lennon) *

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For more about Lorin Grean and more about her other recordings, see her Sage Arts catalog page.

Michael Merrifield

Michael Merrifield, Butterfly Keep

Butterfly Keep

The poetry of singer-songwriter Michael Merrifield evokes scenes of ghost towns that hint of former glory, a butterfly's brief glory, a moon child wandering through nature’s garden in the gray light of night.

The songs of Butterfly Keep take on different styles, from delicate piano glissandos to a way-out west feel to a bouncy calypso beat.

Producer Orville Johnson added spicy licks on various guitars with some mandolin and banjo, cello by Jami Sieber and piano by Jee Wong.

“The music is about things I see that don't seem to change much, a moment taken from time and frozen in a song. Mostly my view of the world around me, put into words that I hope will touch others.” – Michael Merrifield

"... a gentle, whimsical, inventive, highly poetic gem of a recording. There is something undeniably childlike about Merrifield's near-whisper of a voice; it is as if Donovan had finally mastered the art of conveying a hard-won, lasting sense of innocence. The melodies are simple and pleasing, yet the lyrics are often profoundly moving. This CD richly rewards repeated listenings, both with the inventiveness of Orville Johnson and (above all) with the unique vision and voice of Michael Merrifield. – Bill Fisher, Victory Music Review, December 2005

* Ghost Town * I'll Give You the Sun * Forsaken * Butterfly * Rose Moon * A Morning Born * White Horse * Yet Tomorrow * I Can't Sleep * Looking Through * Snowflake *

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